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Payroll Based Loans, SME Finance, Bridge Finance


Credit Life Insurance to protect all our customers from Death, Disability or Retrenchment. Funeral cover is standard with all our loan products and provided by a 3rd party.



  • Low-interest rates compared to other MFI’s.
  • Quick and easy application proces.s
  • Manageable, equal payroll deductions spread over several months.


  • Fair alternative to payday loans.
  • Employee benefit that supports their financial well-being at no cost or risk.
  • Reduce workplace stress by accommodating employees with personal financial needs.
  • Percentage of loan book paid to assist company in employee loan management.


What our customers say

  • I love Zambou Financial Services because of the following: Friendly Customer Service Speedy Loan pay-outs. Once the requirements are met, loan approval is same day and cash is disbursed immediately. Zambou also offers a flexible repayment period and attractive interest rates.
  • I prefer Zambou to other service providers because of the following: They don’t collect Upfront Fees. With Zambou, what you apply for is what you walk away with. Zambou offers Customer satisfaction by responding to tomorrows’ challenges today. e.g. School fees for our Children. Customer service is beyond satisfaction. Same day Loan approval and instant cash payments. For me, Zambou is the place to go, for a Salary advance or Loan.
  • I love Zambou Financial services because: They offer excellent customer service. As employees, we get differentiated and competitively priced products i.e., Salary Advances ,Micro loans etc

Company Overview

Zambou Financial services is a proudly Zambian company founded to supply Zambians with micro loans. Zambou Financial services is growing to provide numerous other financial services to the public.

Mission Statement

Zambou Finance provides financial services, particularly microfinance and savings services, to productive low-income people in Zambia, thus empowering them to enhance their economic and social standard of living through self-employment. We use microfinance to significantly reduce the depth and breadth of poverty in the communities within which we operate. We strive to competently meet our clients’ ever-increasing and changing needs for financial services by offering the best service possible to them.

Value For Customers

We are committed to anticipating, understanding and meeting our clients’ needs and expectations.


As a proudly Zambian company, we strive to be on the frontline of technical innovation in providing financial services in a Third World country. Everything we do is essential for our long-term financial success. We are leaders in continuous improvement and our culture rewards creativity and initiative by all our employees.


Entrepreneurship is our heritage and the foundation of our success. We continue this tradition through delegated responsibilities, freedom of action and personal accountability. We believe in solid leadership based on personal example, putting trust in people and promoting team spirit. We are committed to developing our future leaders.


As a family company we are devoted to the well-being and personal development of our employees. We do not tolerate any forms of discrimination or harassment and promote a culture of understanding and respect in our dealings with each other. We believe in the value of enduring personal relationships with customers, suppliers and industrial partners.


Our company and its family shareholders are committed to protecting the environment and being responsible corporate citizens in all communities in which we do business. As a family company we strive for the highest standards of personal behaviour. Fairness and integrity guide our conduct amongst ourselves, towards our business partners and the general public.

Zambou Loans

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  • Head Office
  • Plot 21 Kabengele Avenue
    Kitwe, Copperbelt, Zambia
  • 260966998106
  • 260966998106
  • info@zamboufinance.com
  • zamboufinance.com